Monday, November 1, 2010

I'll Take You To The Candy Shop

Greetings on this blistering cold afternoon! I awoke to a bitterly cold Monday morning at 6:30am- yes no lies. But with a glowing sun on the rise, I knew it would be a glorious day!

Today I was in need of a sugar rush after last night's disappointing deficit. No Halloween Parade for me. Never mind. I still managed to don my puffy dress with the high collar and repeatedly chant: 'OFF WITH YOUR HEAD'. As you can imagine I was totally in my element.

In between my 8-5pm classes (!!) I decided that I wanted to share with you, the BEST candy store that exists in NY- in my view anyway. The colorful sugar delight goes by the name : 'Dylan's Candy Bar'
The Enticing Exterior

Even if I didn't want to enter, I would have just to allow my hands/face/feet/finger nails/baby toe to defrost...brrrrrr NY's November gave us a kick into Winter!! Much to my delight a candy assistant greeted me with a jovial 'Hey there! Would you like to try our chocolate espresso balls??' I thought ...'oh god yeah...I don't even like coffee flavored chocolate but I needed to pump some warm energy around my icy body.

Now let me tell you, I have actually been here before but this time I wanted to take photos to share the sugar-coated experience with you. Just a quick history on the place: Dylan's Candy Bar is actually owned by Dylan Lauren- Ralph Lauren's daughter that is. Need I share the prices?? As you can imagine they are sky high and do not complement a student's budget, but I thought once in a while can't hurt....we'll see how I feel about this reasoning tomorrow when I need an extra 10 bucks for milk and cereal!
I have told my friends about this sugar galore of a place numerous times but I really wanted to show you what it has.                                                

 Endless Cavity Cases   
A Sweet Touch To Your Step
The Steps Leading Down To More Treat
As I feel myself getting that much sought after rush through the smell of candy I discover more and more treats. I mean it goes to the extreme- something I noticed America likes to do (not intended to offend mind you!) What makes this place stand out from the rest is the incredible detail that each treat comes with. You can get a maximized Hershey's Chocolate Bar in the form of a tootsie roll..You can get your name on a coffee mug, or a cookie jar that also has a personal touch too- i.e. Tammy's Jar.
 It doesn't just go as far as sugary treats....oh no.. you can 'wear' it too
Is This The Sweetest Thing Or What?

Imagine gyming it out in those hot things.... and of course they have baby sized clothing, just so that Mummy and Daddy know that their precious one is the sweetest of them all.

I came to the 'FUDGE' section. Flavors are endless.....Smores, cookies and cream, mint chocolate chip, blueberry and strawberry cheesecake, toffee and even more imaginative ones that I can't quite recall- that is how obscure they were. AND OF COURSE, being an NY enterprise they also cater for those who require Kosher treats.
Trainee Cutting My Smores and headache giving!
Eat Your Heart Out Willy Wonker
The short and sweet trip was rounded off by a nice candy clerk at the checkout who told me to have a 'sweet day' ....ok no she didn't but I wish she did- it would have made the trip that much more corny!
I think for me, the best part was going into a momentary trance- not by the sugary high but by the insanely cute and creative backdrop:
Beats A Rainbow Any Day

The T.V. Center Piece Showed A Continual Series of Candy Adverts From The 1950s

    With my fudge in tow it was off to school with me. I now had a sugary delight for dessert on this cold, brittle Monday. YES. Not going to lie though, it gave me an unsavory headache which was only alleviated with a salty Pretzel.

I believe you can have your birthday party there (at what cost...I'm not sure, but I'm sure I don't want to know!) They should give a coupon for Advil with every $10 purchase for the parents of the Birthday Boy/Girl- they will undoubtedly require it.

If you want to surf the online candy store you can:                                                                     
Be sure to check out all the creamy bliss and should you invest in some sugar, brace yourself for a toothache....

The Sweet Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday: 9am-10pm
                                                   Friday-Saturday: 10am-11pm
                                                   Sunday: 11am-9pm

Take Care,

Off With Your HEAD.


  1. oh georgie you crack me up.. i think i am becoming an avid fan of yours. blogs are totally ur thing. anyways i have heard so much about this place in sooo many shows on E! hahaha but hearing you talk about it makes it that little bit more real and special. sounds amazing. and tasty... (they should pay you for the great advertising your doing) anyway.. thank you for a great read before bed. love the costume! keep these blogs coming (i will live NYC through you) lots of love xxxxx

  2. haha i'm with Karla on this one about E! i've also seen its opening in a few magazines with top notch celebrities! it's definitely on my "to visit in NYC" list ! try to post more pictures if you can , i love going through them. xxx