Saturday, October 30, 2010

Overdue Start

It seems a tad overdue to start creating blogs of my time in New York City, but up until now I could not articulate my adventures into a coherent thought let alone blog. The reason for this is because I have been overwhelmed with this city's madness and its people. So lets just say this is my equivalent of a 'dear diary' entry....My initial impressions of New York were that of a frazzled 14 hour traveler who had ventured from the arid Middle East to a concrete New York.  I felt totally displaced and distant from this cultural mesh of Spanish-American-British-Russian-Anything you want society. As I was drifting in and out of a deep slumber in the taxi I saw a strip of the Manhattan skyline as we were trekking through Queens. Unfortunately the buildings were shrouded by clouds as a storm was on its way. It would have been nice to start my expedition in the concrete jungle upon arriving at the hotel, but in hindsight this was a relief, as my temper was brewing storm of its own through lack of sleep!

The first few days were full to the brim with a 'touristy' itinerary, including: The Statue of Liberty, Central Park, The Plaza Hotel (my obsession with Home Alone 2 was complete!), Bethesda's Fountain (a recent obsession stemming from 'Angels in America'....a brilliant play) and so on....

As much as I loved having my parents with me during the first 2 weeks, I adjusted much better after they left because I was able to work around my own 'day' rather than theirs. Although my financial freedom was cut(!) my freedom to escape to the West Village or the Lower East Side to see, smell, taste and touch grew more and more.

New York has a kind of diversity that no other city I have visited can rival. It is truly a mesh of old vs. new; China meets Italy; Business meets pleasure. Within 20 minutes I can be stood within the construction craze of Ground Zero to the leafy luxury of Central Park. Of course this exists in all major cities and hubs- but New York has that something extra that allows each district to be unique in its own right.

With time I want to share the various events and places I come across....and most times I find the best things from a simple stroll.


From This....
To This......
In All Her Glory: Statue of Liberty