Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Festive and Frosty Greetings!

The sidewalks of New York are flanked with glitter, shimmer and glam, the thick of the city is receiving more tourists than ever and the eggnog is now a necessity as well as tradition.The little and big doggies fashion the latest canine trends (Taf- you are missing out!) and the New Yorkers are wrapping up. Every moment is unique as you see the drifting mist dancing and sparkling in the beam of the Christmas lights around the city- it's so special.

People from all walks of life (even if they have never come to New York) deem this city as the best place for Christmas. I can say with the most assured conviction that this reputation is nothing short of accurate.

Rather than just telling you all about it, I want to give you more of a pictorial discourse than a verbal one. But with the support of some personal anecdotes, I want to show you just how incredible this city is right now.

Momentary lapse from jolly manner:

Christmas Lovers, swivel your chairs in the opposite direction for a moment, while the Scrooge in me berates the mercenary, profit-orientated and greedy ploys used during this Holy time of year...
 Forgive my commercial cynicism but I found a Christmas tree decoration worth $75 at Macy's "Holiday Lane" on the 9th floor. Most ludicrous thing I have ever seen. Yes it was the Empire State Building shimmering in reds,green, yellow and blue with sprinkled sparkles and yes it's iconic to this city, but REALLY? Unless you plan on carrying out a Very New York Christmas, this ornament is a no-go. But with this aside, New York is positively glowing!

With all the Thanksgiving stuffing gobbled and digested, the glittering roads were calling my name...everywhere you turn you are struck by how each district is given equal imaginative weight. Even the most hidden of places are given a full and solid spotlight.

Macy’s encapsulates all that is Christmas- their yearly theme goes by the film: ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ because the film is based around the department store. 
Warm Fuzzy Feeling
Holiday Lane
Fa La La La La La
On 5th: The Pride of New York

Fifth Avenue is a shopaholic's nemesis if you are on a budget! The term 'window shopping' has never been more appropriate in this neck of the city. You have both the veteran designers with the newbies all "lightly" competing for your buck.
A Present For You, Love Cartier

Fendi: Fen La?
White Christmas
Yazzy And I At The Plaza Hotel
5th Ave. Ladies

All you have to do is just walk into any store to your East and West to get the festive whiff of gingerbread, peppermint and love. Creams, sprays, jewelry and clothes arouse all five senses, give you twinkle toes and butter fingers.The shop assistants welcome you wholeheartedly asking you how you are and offer you a basket to stockpile your impending purchases- and even if they genuinely don't care how I am, my world is still kept in orbit with these systematic friendly touches.

Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Perhaps the jewel of New York at Christmas. The most iconic of trees across the globe, thousands upon thousands of out of towners flock to this epicenter to get but an incision worth of a view. On December 2nd my friends and I attempted to combat the human traffic to see the Christmas Tree lights switch on after a succession of celebrity appearances, namely Kylie Minogue and Mariah Carey. It was so packed with people, that the NYPD had to redirect us around different blocks to get to the right block. Literally like cattle we were; any wrongful trespass would have had us in big trouble, so we just kept within the highlighted parameters and followed the directions the police gave us. Unfortunately, we missed the actual lighting of the tree because it was just heaving with too many people.
Nevertheless we still saw the lights surrounding Rockefeller Center ......

Christmas Spectacular
Even though I am not a novice when it comes to live theatre or any kind of performance but I can see myself getting spellbound by the 'Rockettes" magic! The Rockettes are an all singing and dancing group of ladies who annually perform at Radio City. They bring the best Christmas songs to life with grace and beauty and tapping hot heels. I hope to see this live before I go to Greece in a week!!

Ice Ice Baby Ice Ice:

Ice-skating in Central Park! I always refrain from informing my mother of my ice-skating escapades because she is convinced I will break a leg (it's a Greek thing) or any other part of my body. But if my poor motor skills are of any indication, she has ample grounds for her worrying! Alas, I was fine, maybe a few slippery swivels and throbbing ankles, but my body parts are still intact. 

New York City has set up three notable ice-skating rinks for the public to enjoy. My friends and I took to the best one in Central Park: The Wollman Rink.

Classic New York Experience
This ice skating haven has the perfect blend of Central Park’s majestic charm and New York City’s urban immensity. Honestly, if you ever get a chance to go, you will glide your way into a magical dimension where time simply circles...
Now I'm not new to skating, but I had put up my skating shoes a while back, so what was once an innate skill had to be acquired again through wobbly trials. As you can tell, the rink is circular, but seeing as I was unfamiliar with this alien surface, I found myself curving against my logic at every bend- I simply wanted to go straight, until I got to grips with it!
Katie and I Clinging Through The Glacial Ride
Of course I got confident after I mastered a solid balance, on the now familiar surface, which in retrospect was premature after a near fall on my bum bone (don't know the biological jargon!). But the thrill of escaping my mother's worst fear made my knees buckle from excitement- where I nearly fell again!! I tell you what though, ice-skating is a real work-out! I felt muscle tensions simmering upon returning onto New York soil, where I was in sheer need of a glacial -esque drink to cool the burn and a bench to plant my now firm aaheeemm..

Cosby Sweater Culture:

Yes! It's that time of year where you dust off and pluck your UGLY sweater out of obscurity and don it with creepy enthusiasm....I went to a party in East Harlem this weekend, where all my friends and I braved both the cold and the hideous sweaters...
My beast of a sweater was purchased at 'Screaming Mimis' - possibly the funkiest, boldest, most eclectic vintage store in the East Side. 

Festive Love

We Love Kitsch
Tacky Doesn't Even Cover It....
I think all that can be said about this night, was that it was the gayest and most enjoyable time...late-night revels are the way forward this time of year!

Check this:

I was posted in the NY Times among other people who wore garish numbers..

So now that exam season is underway, I am left to sift through notes rather than Xmas goodies on the streets....but all I can say is that this semester has stretched awesomeness to the utmost. It has been the BEST SEMESTER I HAVE EVER HAD.

I wish you the best and most sundry Christmas!!