Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall In Full

Mmmm remember when I told you that the best things happen from a simple stroll? Well truth be told, today was just one of those days..
Crunch Crunch Crunch

The great thing about Tuesdays is that my classes finish at 12:25pm. I think I might have told many of you that my school is located in the Upper East Side which is conveniently close to Central Park- 3 blocks away. With a gorgeous solar flare in the sky I was sooooo excited to make my usual walk through the park as I headed home. Until you actually visit Central Park for yourself there is no way to navigate it on paper. In real life it is much more dense and deep than what a map shows- no real surprises there. Until I found the best route to get from the entrance at 70th and 5th to Columbus Circle I just let my eyes and nose lead the way, and unsurprisingly got lost each and every time! Now that I have found my footing around the central and southern parts of the park I hippity hop a gorgeous route that takes me from 70th and 5th through to The Mall and from there I simply follow the pathways that lead to Columbus Circle.

Upon entering the park there are a series of benches. Today an elderly couple were bundled together with a peaceful aura about them. Mr. (I'm going to give him a name) Forrestor's hand was rested comfortably on Mrs. Forrestor's lap as they enjoyed the city's cacophony and the park's tranquility in equal measure. I know it seems like I stopped and just stared at them but I passed them at my pace and just made that little observation. If you know me well you know that I stare. A lot. I  have taken 'people watching' to an invasive level where I now 'people watch, people watchers'. I mean in all honesty I only use my peripheral vision as it does suffice,  so I guess it's not too extreme! You know now that I think about it, a 20 year old like me is supposed to subscribe to a life of endless hedonistic (thank you Ms. Mullholland) pleasures where strolls in the park are omitted but I endeavor to embed this tangential lifestyle into that of a typical 20 year old.

                              Another sighting was found along the way....
                 Whether they liked it or not I captured a nice bit of buttox along the way

Nice 'Thrusting' Shot Of These Hard Working Men

The park is a great outlet for sports as you can imagine because the grounds are endless with some very private and hidden parts if you are shy of the crowds! These hot (I don't know if they were actually hot, my eyes wondered down south to their derieres) totties were on the side of the road- no reservations what so ever!
I'm not going to lie. As much as I love a stroll without a care in the world I always HAVE to have the company of a film score playing on my Ipod. That may sound strange but I kid you not, there is no greater pleasure than walking to the sound of a relaxing soundtrack. It's weird because when I had the soundtrack to 'Stars Wars' on the other day I sped through the park as I got excited....but today it was....eehmm Ok no jokes please but the film score to 'Mrs. Doubtfire'. Yes, Euphegenia Doubtfire dear. Honestly it is the nicest accompaniment to a meandering stride because the emotional feeling buried within the fabric of the music just makes me feel so humble and warm. Sorry for the gushing there, but it was simply perfect. Do try it guys- get yourself a sublime film score and walk through any given park. Make sure it is purely orchestral, anything with lyrics takes the personal experience away. Just let the music conjure thoughts and images in your head that are not associated with the movie. Let your imagination unlock itself. I'm telling you, it will make a good day a great day.  Karla, I highly recommend the soundtrack to 'Stepmom', it's a gorgeously eclectic score where you can bask in a state of true repose. If you want a taster of the score go on itunes and check out 'Taking Pictures'. 

A quick lapse into the photos again:                                  
A Muted Grey Against A Striking Auburn

Autumn Abyss

Whilst it may look like Fall, the wisps of the razor-edged wind teased my shivering ear lobes (which were in fact sheltered with my hat) but the sunlight was heavily filtered by the trees providing me with short-lived yet soothing pockets of warmth.

And so my little walk comes to an end at Columbus Circle. But hey, this is New York spontaneity is ALWAYS on the cards. A large mass of people were hovering outside the Trump Hotel taking snapshots of something I couldn't quite get a glimpse of. Since the traffic and pedestrians were being diverted to other streets I knew some filming must be occurring. I joined the crowd and started to take some photos and to my excitement I saw Ben Stiller in character filming a scene with an elderly co-star. 
Meet The Stiller

Just when you think all that is sundry and plentiful comes to an end something else will find it's way to tickle your fancy and take you by surprise.

                                                    This is what New York is all about.

Best Wishes,

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